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Hey guys - sorry it's been forever since I posted. As everybody knows, Panama City was hit with the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane (Hurricane Michael - which was officially declared a category 5 storm months later) on Oct. 10th, 2018 (sorry, had it marked Oct. 6th earlier - that was just wrong, and I was busy so forgot to proofread - oops). This is the day my town was almost destroyed.

Long story short, it's been tough. We have had to get things back up, and nothing is even close to being where it needs to be. My town looks like a bomb went off here (judging from the trees and the damage associated with it), but we're 850 strong. We're going to rebuild, and we'll get back to where we were pre-Michael.

Either way, my drone will be back from DJI tomorrow (it had to go back because the remanufactured drone they sent me fell from the sky. They didn't opt to pay for this one though, so I had to shuck out the funds to pay for it), and I will get some good photos of Panama City (and the Beach if I can). For the time being, I have photos taken with my camera of what has been happening here (it's been nuts). Take a look, and remember, we're coming back. It's just a matter of time!