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So, Sunday I went and took photos of Devil's Hole in Youngstown, Florida. I wanted to get photos of some more of Ecofina Creek - and there's quite a bit of it there to see. I ended up meeting a woman named Sarah and her daughter - who gave me quite a bit of information on some of the surrounding area, and I definitely enjoyed it (and the company to boot). I have attempted to find her on various Social Media sites, but so far - nothing. I did give them a few of my business cards though (for the drone club, not the photography company), so am hoping they contact me. Her daughter mentioned she works at Coram's, but me being the ever bright person I am totally missed her name and which Coram's (if she even mentioned it - I feel she probably did though). Either way, if you're reading this Sarah, please shoot me a text, an email, or even give me a call. I am wanting to follow up on several of the places you mentioned, and the truth of the matter is that I need to jot it down so I know for sure. I appreciate your info on Sunday, and would love to go to those places you mentioned (even if I need to get prepared to go, it'd still be worthwhile), and if you guys can go, I would absolutely love the company.

Thank you....

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