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This is a gallery of images I shot in Louisville, Kentucky, and on the other side of the Ohio river in Jefferson, Indiana. I had gone there to take one of the historical tours of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, as I had been talking to one of their employees (Melanie - the night shift Melanie, not the day shift Melanie, LOL), and she said that while I'd still need to get Tina's permission to fly there, I could book one of their tours and could come up there and bring my drone with me, and that she thought Tina would allow it. I ended up taking my daughter (as everyone else backed out on me - probably because it's such a long drive), so I took my 7 year old daughter. When we got there, I took my drone inside, and talked to Tina (who still works the desk as usual). I told her it was a drone, and asked her if it'd be possible to shoot some photos of the place. She flat out said no - there are no drones allowed on the property. I then told her I drove all the way from Panama City, Florida, and that I had sent about a half dozen emails via the contact form (because they do not provide any other way of contacting them), and that the woman I spoke to (Melanie) seemed to think it was probably possible, and she looked at me with a puzzled look and said "Melanie?", as though she didn't have one working there. She then said "I didn't get any emails. You should have called. The answer is no". So, that sorta' perturbed me a bit. I had been told by Melanie that Tina got the emails, and as such, she knew what was going on - either she fibbed about receiving them, or that says that her "tightly run ship" is obviously not so tightly run, and she's not very good with the job. I'd guess the former. I went ahead and we toured the place (the tour guide was very good, and knew his stuff). So, while touring, I noticed that there was a new subdivision behind Waverly, and so once we finished, my daughter and I left - and we went and found the subdivision behind it. I drove to the very back - parked in a culdesac, and could see Waverly over the trees - so, I launched my drone from there. I didn't have to even move it - I took it up to about 300 feet, and I snapped quite a few photos of the place. There wasn't a single thing either Tina or Charlie could do about it (the current owners). I hate to be that way, but after driving 700 miles (one direction) to take some photos, and when she had well more than enough emails to know I was interested in doing so (and she ignored all of them), I decided to take my own photos and be done with it.

When you go there, you're allowed to take a camera with you. You cannot record the tour (audio or video), which is completely understandable (as that's their bread and butter - even though the information provided is anything but great). I wanted to take a camera with 4 props to get some higher altitude outside shots of the old hospital. That was shot down. The thing is - the 4 props are the very thing that mean that while it'd been nice to have her permission, it absolutely wasn't a necessity. I could have taken a boatload more, but to be honest, I was a tad aggravated, and decided to come back to the house the next day.

I told her in a number of those emails that I would provide them with every photograph and video I take there - everything. I would give them copies of everything, and I would sign away rights to it (so that they could use it in advertising, whatever). The problem was that she was too busy trying to ignore me, and she didn't gather that as an opportunity for her and Charlie. Her loss. I got what I came there to get, as well as a reason to not go back to that area anyway (quite frankly, that area is bad - crime ridden, lots of houses and businesses boarded up, etc.. One of the most telling signs of it all was there was a State Farm office there that was completely fenced in - and there was a chain across the gate, and a security system. When you have to put that much security stuff around a building where they sell insurance - you've got a problem with crime). I'll be the first to admit - I didn't enjoy being there at all

Anyway, enjoy!

Photos I took of Waverly Hills and some of Louisville Kentucky I took while I was there...